Djembu is something new!

Djembu is an international music project. It may appear not to be unique to you, but after a second look you will reconsider your opinion.

The concept

On stage there will be improvising. Not by one musician only but by a whole band. Random sounds will be recorded, turn into loops, changed, improved, mixed etc. Right under the eyes of the audience. They’re not just watching. No, we’re taking samples of the souds they make too and turn them into rhythms, chords and melodic lines.

Rather experimental indeed. But here comes the difference. Djembu doesn’t sound vague and wooly at all. In the contrary: it is extremely easy listening and danceable.

Cada Dia is one of a kind

“Some funk and fusion mixed with a lot of jazz and a pinch of soul in a latin shaker”. That’s the best way to describe the musical style of Cada Dia. This band from The Netherlands started in 2008. Although playing well-known songs too, Cada Dia could never be defined as a cover band since this formation had a unique sound. Whilst some covers are still on the set list, nowadays Cada Dia is adding more and more of their my own compositions: catchy tunes arranged in the typical Cada Dia style.

Cada Dia recorded together with Izaline Calister a song to get some more attention for the coral reefs in the Caribbean. Revenues are for charity. “Salba Nan” (Save Them) is available on iTunes.

Cada Dia