In cooperation with Stillis culture entertainment and AlternateMode (USA) I started a service point for the malletKAT. Especially for the assembling of the brand new Kurzweil soundcard in an existing malletKAT Express, Pro and Grand. European customers don’t need to send their instrument to the US and pay hundreds of dollars for shipping costs if they want to enjoy the excellent sounds of the new 7 KS. The sound card exclusively made by Kurzweil for the malletKAT. All the sounds are based on the tremendous Kurzweil PC3.

Besides modifications I repair your malletKAT and am able to help you importing KAT products and parts.


KAT percussion, the producers of the malletKAT, came up with a new product: the jamKAT. A profitable electronic percussion instrument which allows you to play completely intuitive. Watch the introduction during the PASIC 2015 at St. Antonio (Texas).

For the jamKAT they designed the sound module DITI. With this combination you will have a range of lifelike percussion instruments as conga’s, bongo’s, tabla, beat ring, triangle etc. at your fingertips.