The past 40 years I wrote quite al lot of arrangements and compositions. Actually: the first song I ever wrote was assigned by my piano teacher, Miss Blok. I must have been about nine years old. Perhaps I’ve still got it somewhere.

A small selection of the material that is saved you’ll find below.


1st performance

Can’t Slow Down Cada Dia composition
Come What May Cada Dia composition
Don’t Even Think About It Cada Dia composition
Down the Boat Cada Dia composition
Drop That Brick Cada Dia composition
Guess What! Cada Dia composition
Kabamentu Cada Dia composition
Paradera Highlights Cada Dia composition
Rumble In The Kitchen Cada Dia composition
Shake Cada Dia composition
Sharp Mustard Cada Dia composition
Slightly Resonsible Cada Dia composition
The Spanish Consul’s Wife Cada Dia composition
Kasi Nada Cada Dia composition
Might Be Right Cada Dia composition
Birdland Cada Dia arrangement
Salba Nan Cada Dia & Izaline Calister composition
Arke TAD commercial composition
Bekhuis commercial composition
Bergman commercial composition
Berlo commercial composition
Blankenvoort commercial composition
De Jong commercial composition
Galleriche commercial composition
Holscher commercial composition
Kuhlkamp commercial composition
Loohuis commercial composition
P&R Verhuur commercial composition
Parketstudio Twente commercial composition
Preston Palace commercial composition
Rolluik commercial composition
Tuinbouwvakbeurs commercial composition
I’ve Fallen In Love With You De Haske arrangement
Summer Afternoon De Haske composition
Heading for NY Djembu composition
Léon Djembu composition
Take That Letter Djembu composition
Need for Flying Djembu composition
Chocolate Masque Groovin’ High composition
Medicine Man Hans Kerkhoff & friends composition
Olie Oeleu Oe Wa In Harm Oet Riessen composition
Latin Mess percussion-group composition
Potje Afrikaantjes percussion-group composition
This Is Not Zimbabwe percussion-group composition
Try Out percussion-group composition
In Space IRAS Signaalrevue composition
422018de Twentelied Stork’n Nus Revue composition
Don’t Be Too Late Stork’n Nus Revue composition
Dromeland Stork’n Nus Revue composition
Garantiebewijs Stork’n Nus Revue composition
Geld Stork’n Nus Revue composition
Geluk Stork’n Nus Revue composition
Jeugdherinneringen Stork’n Nus Revue composition
Nie’j Moodse Spul Stork’n Nus Revue composition
Vrie’jgezel Stork’n Nus Revue composition
One Stork’n Nus Revue arrangement
She’s Not There Stork’n Nus Revue arrangement
Everybody Needs Somebody Stork’n Nus Revue arrangement
Cardenas TRO-bigband composition
Cayo Coco TRO-bigband composition
Pink Satin TRO-bigband composition
Street Life TRO-bigband arrangement
Pick Up The Pieces TRO-bigband arrangement
Moon Over Bourbon Street TRO-bigband arrangement
It’s Oh So Quiet TRO-bigband arrangement
You Can Leave Your Hat On TRO-bigband arrangement
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love NDR-Big Band arrangement
Four SWF-Big Band arrangement
I Am What I Am Ronny Tober arrangement

Together with Izaline Calister I wrote Salba Nan: a song in the language Papiamentu wherewithal we ask for attention for the coral reefs in the Caribbean. Salba Nan is about the Tortuga; the sea turtle. Izaline wrote the lyrics and I did the music. We recorded it with the band Cada Dia and it is available on iTunes.

Order Salba Nan on iTunes!

For Ronnie Tober I arranged the show song I Am What I Am for big orchestra; horns, strings, percussion and rhythm section.

Primary we wrote this for the revue of Hollandse Signaal Apparaten (for short Signaal), but Harm Oet Riessen (Harm Agteresch) liked the song that much that he decided to use Ölie Oeleu Oe Wa In in the repertoire of his own. Hij wrote the lyrics and I the music. It became one of the greatest hits in the East past of The Netherlands. Later the band The Spitfires recorded the song again as a tribute to Harm.


For Cada Dia I wrote many original compositions. A great part of them texts as well as music. Although Helen Ostafew wrote an few beautiful lyrics too during the period she sang with Cada Dia. And of course the contribution of Izaline Calister.