Mallet instruments

My traditional vibraphone is a Premier model 751.

Mostly I play it with the Musser Good Vibes mallets model M233 or M235.

For amplification I assembled the K&K de pick-up’s.

My electronic “vibraphone” is the malletKAT Pro with a range of four octaves and the built-in KS module.

More information about the mallet KAT or one of the other KAT products? Do you own a malletKAT yourself and are you considering an upgrade or modification? Feel the need for buying a KAT percussion instrument?

First click here.

Arranging & Recording

For arranging I used Finale, but I switched to Sibelius. Both on the Mac.

Besides that I still use my pencil with the 0.9mm load and above all my Edding eraser.

For recording and some performing I use Ableton Live. On the Mac of course. The Akai APC40 was my main controller for Ableton Live for years until the Push 2 took over.

Drums & Percussion

Several brands and hand made instruments, such as

Steelpan (tenor)
Conga’s (Afro)
Kashaka, Patica
Shekeré (LP)

Drums (Sonor, Ludwig, Premier)
Cymbals (Paiste, Zildjan)

kashaka patica